I'm a software developer living in San Francisco (previously of Saskatoon, Canada). I've just started a job working at Yammer making their iOS apps great.

I love to play ultimate frisbee and go backpacking when I'm not typing on a computer. I'm also quite a fan of sailing and tinkering with electronics and micro-controllers.

Solido, Zu

At Solido I developed software for Analog/RF chip designers to analyze and diagnose process variation problems in their chips. At Zu I developed iOS apps for large clients.

Gislen Software

I worked on working for an Indian firm doing work for European clients. The power went out regularly and communication was an adventure but overall a very good experience.

Research in Motion

I worked on some internal tools for running batches of tests on in-development devices. I worked on a scheduler written in Python organizing batches of tests to be run. It spoke to a Java servlet web front-end and a C++ backend that interacted directly with the devices under test.